STARTS: 13 Jun 2015

ENDS: 20 Jul 2015

LOCATION: Santorini Arts Factory (SAF)


The choice of Santorini as a symbolic starting point and the first geographic site of Removement is interpreted by the historic, geological and social facts which are synonymous to endless motion and volatility. Alteration on Santorini is not limited only to the human environment, but it also expands to natural landscape, as it constitutes a constantly changing condition. Having the volcano and its historic activity as a point of reference, the transformation of the landscape, the mobility of the subsoil and the reformulation of the island’s shape, take place timelessly. In parallel, Santorini is daily affected by the weather conditions, which have a dynamic impact on its natural, external image. The fluidity of nature is followed by human activity. The movement of populations, either as internal migration or tourist flow, reinforces that every minute an alteration, real but also metaphorical, takes place. The leakage of the majority of the population after the great earthquake is reversed with the progressive consolidation of the location as a global destination. The current dominant touristic nature of the island renders the daily arrival, meeting and interaction of thousands of visitors from around the world, a permanent reality.


Santorini Arts Factory is a cultural center focused on promoting the Greek cultural heritage and on sharing knowledge and artistic experiences with both Greek and foreign visitors. It is housed in one of the island's most significant historical landmarks, an old tomato factory that now stands as the "D.Nomikos Tomato Industrial Museum". Since 2014, SAF presents individual or collective works of acclaimed Greek and international artists by organizing art exhibitions, theatrical and dancing performances, concerts, workshops and other cultural events. For more information please visit



The international acclaimed visual artist ZIlvinas Kempinas presents for the first time in Greece. The uniqueness and dynamic approach of his work has been recognized by established museums and institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA), Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Kunsthalle Wien in Vienna, and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Furthermore, he received the prestigious Calder Prize in 2007 and was the resident artist at Atelier Calder in Sache, France in 2008. His solo exhibition consists of four artworks; two kinetic installations which have been widely exhibited, and two works from his recent series, presenting for the first time. Kempinas uses simple and recognizable materials, such as magnetic tapes, fans and light, creating atmospheric, kinetic and minimalistic installations. The audience undergoes a complex experience, amidst a coexistence of sound, air, light, and architecture.


    2011, Magnetic tape, fans and stainless steel, Ø320cm


    2014, resin, aluminum and led lights, 143x143x7cm


    2008, Μagnetic tapes, fans, variable dimensions


Yorgos Maraziotis is a contemporary visual artist with international presence. In Removement Santorini he presents hosts his solo exhibition entitled "STILL". After having presented his work "Night of the world" in Athens, New York and Thessaloniki, within the thematic of the project Removement, the artist intervenes in the warehouse No. 3 of the Tomato Factory D. Nomikos, by creating an impressive installation. Maraziotis uses the entire warehouse space and, via his sculptural artworks, compositions of natural materials, silk screen prints and specific lighting, , he investigates the possibility of the hypothetical coexistence of controversial concepts such as confinement and freedom, pause and continuous movement, the eternal and the instantaneous , the invisible and the visible. To enhance this game of the limits stated above, the artist intervenes in the space by raising two extended walls , dividing the warehouse into three rooms and accentuating the floor inclination. As a result the whole path, that the visitor is called to follow, unconsciously, is a physical experience.


    2013, Silkscreen print, Edition of 6, 48x60cm


    2015, Plaster, spray, 25x25cm (detail)


    2015, Sign of neon


Stella Bolonaki is a visual artist, architect and a public art theoretician. Her in-situ lighting installation ‘Time Slots’ intends to create a visually ‘fluid’ scenery of the outdoor environment of Santorini Arts Factory, inclining towards the fluidity of the space and the works it hosts. Her artwork was designed in view of integrating in the wider framework of Removement. In parallel with the installation, created a video entitled Removement inspired by the conceptual approaches and ideas which govern the visual art initiative. Concepts such as distortion, mutation, verification, redefinition, continuity, were turned into images. Images which are revived through an hourglass. Every image expresses a condition and every condition is the outcome, function or integral part of time. The style, the tone and the rhythm of the video sound are involved in the drama of change.


Georgia Damianou together with Olga Bogdanou , both graduates of the abovementioned school, present the interactive project "De-touch" and they invite faculty members to participate in it. Multiple works overlap vertically and horizontally thus forming a peculiar triangle which culminates progressively and asymmetrically. At the starting point of this imaginary wandering, the works if Olga Bogdanou bring out a feeling of destructibility, due to her deliberate interventions on paper, a pliable material. Gradually, reprinted works of Georgia Damianou are inserted, with a visual reference to "physical fragments". Visitors are invited to an interactive process which alters the overall structure and entity of the project. The entire installation levitates overhead, causing an experiential and visual immersion of the viewer, which is fully integrated with the space-time element of the surrounding warehouse which hosts the installation. A dynamic process which perpetually evolves within the human environment of a place which adapts to and adjusts with the extrinsic scenery that surrounds it. The outdoor installation Untitled of Anna Maria Samara, a fifth-year university student incorporates the changing landscape while ascribing a new condition of limits. The work and the landscape become one and vice versa, passively awaiting for time to influence each other and give them new essence. The primal natural shape of the volcanic soil meets the artificial one. Will it reject it as foreign body or embrace it? It is a historic condition of adjustment or incompatibility of the people and the place where they seek to put down roots.


    Collaborative indoor installation, 2015 , detail of Olga’s Bogdanou, Thought of extracts, 2014


    Collaborative indoor installation, 2015


    Untitled,2015, outdoor installation String, wire , variable dimensions 250x150cm, 150x110cm