“History” is made out of the age humans give to their land.

    People cling to the place they grow up and live, like solid rocks strongly affixed to the ground, blindly following this endless journey through time, sculpturing the land’s posthumous fame, recreating its aura.
    The landscape is a body; a body that no more belongs to the variations of physics, but floats in the sphere of metaphysics. Like giddiness, there’s a bright whiteness that dissolves and channels into different colors, shades and forms! And into this brightness humans may only be born like “flesh” out of the land’s “flesh”, a single body that travels in time creating what we humans call “history”.

    Removement: a triangle that constantly moves, transforms and continuously orbits time and space. No visible picks and none of its sides more dominant that the others; only pure movement.

    Movement causes energy, and energy sculpts memory, and finally an upheaval occurs, which resembles the primary explosion that signaled the beginning of all.


    Santorini: a place so complex that’s hard to be given a clear identity. Its character constitutes of three different aspects: its history, its primitive ancient landscape, and the human interference. These three frames undoubtedly differ with each other, yet they share a bond of such a s strong interdependence that binds them together and transforms them into a single body.
    This body is now Santorini’s landscape itself, and its course through the centuries has given the chance to us humans to attach to it our own experiences, insecurities and stigmas. We’ve sculptured our own image to the island, motivated by our ancient concern of leaving something behind for others to remember: warlords, occupiers, travelers, nations: all marched on the same ground, reshaping the memory of the island.

    Yet the landscape remains untouched. Its shadows reveal glimpses of its own soul, its terraformed land is the expression on its face. “The metaphysic of Light”, as Odysseus Elytis called it: through which the burning sun breaks down the white curves and wipes out everything on its course. The white curves of the humble Aegean houses become flickering shades. The “Metaphysic of Light” is the transition from the spoiled to the imperishable, a reincarnation of matter that becomes a new bright erotic dimension.
    People are insuperably attached to the land and its history. They shape their existence on the island as the island shapes their existence in life. The energy of Santorini dominates every single person that steps on its ground.

    Review: volcano, eruption, earthquake, vineyards, poverty, cliffs, migration, nostalgia, first visitors, more visitors, uncountable visitors. What’s the connection between all these different notions? Is there any connection? One thing that is certain is that they all work for a single purpose, the ultimate global organic function: evolution. Yes, it all started from a great volcanic eruption, but it didn’t stop there. That was just the beginning, the burst that gave life to all of the island’s cells; since then they constantly move.