‘Removement’ constitutes a visual and performing arts exhibition, which aims at interpreting, attributing and synthetically presenting motion or/and alteration, which characterizes a land, through the creative utilisation of mixed media.

Every kinetic phenomenon signals a movement, an action, an alteration, a transformation, and a return, and every change, variation, reaction or alteration is demonstrated as a metakinesis from any random point to another, either this is expressed as a feeling, an emotion or a rational thought.

This process itself is equivalent to “mobility” as a concept, which, in turn, has numerous dimensions both conceptually and practically.

As a wider project, ‘Removement’ has a research purpose and orientation. The starting point is the observation and recording of the phenomenon of ‘mobility’, focusing each time on the specific geographical area, as well as the society, where Removement is presented.

What follows is the collection of data and specific information, which are then given to the artists, who in turn create pieces of art that harmonize with the theme of ‘Removement’, depicting concepts such as time, place, cause, route and development.

Every participating artist tries to approach the research theme, taking advantage of his own perspective and existence. At the same time, with his own ‘means’ he participates, cooperates and converses with the other creators, thus the final result has both a combing approach and a united conceptual identity.


The main goal of the project is to offer dynamic answers to contemporary concerns and quests while interpreting the reasons that cause mobility all around the world in such intensity and sequence. Indicatively mentioned: financial factors, cultural diversity, social issues, religious subjects, war conflicts, the manifestation of natural phenomena etc.


Movement, a phenomenon of constant change of the place in accordance with time, is an inseparable part of nature and consequently man. The nomadic way of living prevailed in humanity for thousands of years, before man decided to locate somewhere permanently. Most living organisms on our planet continue to adopt this nomadic lifestyle. The element of mobility is inherent to what we call life. From molecular structure to the planets and stars, movement is the fundamental principle for their existence. Thus, the necessity of movement is such that it is imposed mainly by life itself.


The aim of this project is therefore to define the mobility, which is observed nowadays in human societies and the places they have chosen to settle. In every place a different kind of mobility is observed. The same applies to different societies. By constant observing and recording the phenomena and data collected, we will try to represent and depict these data through materials and tools that art provides us with. Each time with a different approach, from simple examples to particularly complex phenomena, the theme of mobility will be examined based on the place, the time and society.


Removement is not limited within specific geographical regions. It aspires to acquire a universal character and offers the possibility to artists around the world to get involved. The creative team aims to collect enough data for each different place the exhibition will visit and, then, to collaborate with artists who live and work at that particular place, creating as a result a sincere and original response on the issues approached. In this way the dialogue acquires a more substantial and universal dimension, providing the results of the project with more material and diversity.


At the performances the artists will make an effort to approach the main topic of every exhibition focusing on the way with which the various responses can be represented. Every performance will consist another ‘exhibit’, another work of art. Some times the performances will be interactive, intriguing the audience to participate actively in the action or ‘exposing’ themselves to conditions that trigger an immediate sentimental response. The aim of the performances is both to create a feeling of flow and mobility to the usual static visual exhibitions and to project concepts that cannot be reflected on visual artwork and installations. Finally, a number of performances will ‘converse’ with the work of the visual artists, creating a new unity in which visual and performing arts become one.


  • Maria Vasariotou - Artistic Director, Art Curator & Production Manager
  • Konstantinos Sakkas - Performing Arts Curator & Artistic Consultant
  • DELTA PI | www.delta-pi.org - Production Management
  • Polina Gioltzoglou - Anthropological Research
  • Yorgos Nomikos - Assistant Curator